Give Me 3 Words – Mauerpark Poetry (English Edition)

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DAN K. SIGURD: „Give me 3 Words – Mauerpark Poetry“, 1st English Edition, March 2024, Periplaneta Berlin, Work of Mouth. The original German version „Gib mir 3 Worte“ was published in March 2022 by Periplateta Berlin

  • Work of Mouth
  • Book ISBN: 978-3-95996-274-2
  • eBook ISBN: 978-3-95996-275-9


Dan K. Sigurd is the most famous Mauerpark poet. Sure, by now there are quite a few of them, but no one else has made it into pictures of the East Side Gallery, without ever actually sitting in front of the Berlin wall. His verses are now hanging above sofas and beds all over the world and have even been tattooed on legs and other body parts.

For years now, Dan has been sitting in the Mauerpark in Berlin where patrons and passers-by give him three words which he uses to compose spontaneous poems. This book is a collection of his best lines. Furthermore it tells tales from the everyday life of an artist in Berlin and is therefore an authentic time capsule and an ode to free art.

“Tales of an art made vulnerably with passing strangers. Superb slices of the absurd in Berlin.” Luke Winter

“Dan K. Sigurd doesn’t let himself be driven, but inspired. Day after day he sits and types in Mauerpark or elsewhere, making the world a little bit better each time. For that, one must thank him and envy him.” Thomas Manegold 

The street artist Dan K. Sigurd was born in 1990 in the city of Berlin, but he mainly grew up in Hamburg. In between numerous travels through Europe and the US, he studied film, politics and psychology at the Freie Universität as well as directing at the filmArche in Berlin. Cinematic adaptations of some of his short stories that he directed himself have won awards at a number of film festivals. He regularly performs his works at readings and has been writing poems for passers-by in the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg for more than a decade now. His first two books (“Gib mir 3 Worte” and “3 Worte unterwegs”) have already been published in German. 


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