MATTHIAS NIKLAS “DOUBT OUT LOUD” Short Stories. First published in Germany by Work of Mouth September 2014, exclusive special priced mini- e-pub, DRM free, downlowdable after payment


Is it okay to bring children into this world? Do cats go to Heaven? Are interns better employees? How did the German security end up in the Hindu Kush? Do you have to plant a tree and built a house? And should you still rely on Zeus in modern times?

Slam poet and literary stage author Matthias Niklas was born in Mainz in 1980 and made it to Berlin one day, passing through most of West- and Northern Germany on the way. He is a professional stepfather and translator.

And he likes to raise questions. He might not be able to find all the answers, but it is fun to watch him trying.

Doubt Out Loud Vol. 1 is the first part of his e-book series, released in both English and German.


Seen But Not Heard
On Permanent Repositories
The Hindu Kush Defense
Internal Affairs
The Boat is Full
Tree House Child


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